Funeral Plans Beware!!

As of March 2017 the only way to guarantee your funeral plan and ultimately your funeral will be carried out by the Sillett Family is to purchase the funeral plan directly from us. Do not purchase your funeral plan from any third party, including financial advisers, funeral planning companies, charities, supermarkets, banks and building societies.

The reason is simple it is most likely that any of these groups could be taking commission on the sale of a funeral plan to you of up to £1000.00. This large amount taken out at the start of your plan leaves less to pay for the funeral you want at the time it is needed.

We believe funeral planning has like lots of financial products become very confusing and some funeral plans being sold are simply not fit for purpose.

For the benefit of our clients along with the long term stability of our very established family business we feel this has become our only option.

Our Independent Way Funeral Plans offer the most secure way of planning for the future. Fully backed by the countries largest funeral planning company, compliant with The Funeral Planning Authority and all monies you pay supported and guaranteed by a secure Trust Fund. The brochures and prices are below here to download with full information enclosed. However we also understand that at times it is better to talk face to face. Do ring, email or telephone so that we can arrange a meeting to discuss your plans in detail and if needs be tailor a plan which is just right for you.

Whilst we are not Financial Advisers we are all very experienced Funeral Directors. Funeral plans offer a number of benefits but can also be restrictive to family left behind that is why on occasions we simply say it is not for everyone.